Wood Stove Fuel

  • BioBrick


    BioBricks have a uniform rectangular shape which makes it easier to tightly pack a stove with the greatest amount of BioBricks.  Each pallet has 50 - 40 lb. packages each consisting of 20 - 2 lb. bricks.


    Type 2 lb. brick
    Skid Size 50 packs of 20 - 2lb. blocks
    Ash Content .50
    BTU per lb. 8000
    Pallet Item Yes
    1 - 13 $299.00
    14 + $294.00

  • North Idaho Energy Logs

    North Idaho Energy Logs

    240 logs per pallet
    Each pallet has the energy equivalent of 1.5 - 2 cords of cordwood.  North Idaho Energy Logs are more dense than cordwood and typically last longer than wood bricks.

    Please check back next month for additional product. We are temporarily out of stock at the moment.

  • Fiber Fuel Wood Bricks

    Fiber Fuel Wood Bricks

    Fiber Fuel is a high quality Eastern White Pine densified brick designed to be a cordwood alternative.  Each bundle has 16 - 2 lb. bricks and each pallet is 60 packages for a total of 1920 lbs. of product per pallet.  Each pallet is made from 100% kiln dried wood waste.  Each pallet is roughly the equivalent heat output of 1 cord of hardwood.

    Skid Size 60 pkgs. of 16 - 2 lb. Bricks
    1 - 13 $279.00
    14 + $274.00

  • Bio Bricks XL Utra

    Bio Bricks XL Utra

    Bio Brick XL is a 3.5 lb. brick made from the same people that bring you the regular 2 lb. brick.  This larger brick is made from the same raw materials and densified into a larger brick for your convenience.  Each pack contains 6 - 3.5 lb. bricks or 21 lbs. per bundle there are 100 bundles per pallet which makes these pallets a little bigger than 1 ton.

    Skid Size 2100
    Pallet Item Yes
    1 - 13 $309.00
    14 + $304.00