Stove FAQS

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Does the stove require electricity?
Almost all pellet stoves and some coal stoves require electricity. 

How much electricity will my pellet stove use?

Assuming the combustion blower runs all the time @1.7A, the cost to run it would be about $14.00 per month based on .10 per Kw-hr. Assuming the feed motor runs 1/3 of the time @ 0.65A, the cost to run it would be about $2.00 per month. Assuming the distribution blower runs all the time @ 0.74A, the cost to run it would be about $6.00 per month. The total for the whole stove running all the time (the really cold months) would be about a total of $22.00 per month at $0.10 per Kw-hr.

How much maintenance does a stove require?

All stoves require maintenance which varies by stove type.  Other than refueling, a Harman pellet stove requires attention every few days (about 2 minutes), then every couple of weeks (about 15 minutes) and then a more comprehensive cleaning after every ton of fuel burnt (about 45 minutes).  All maintenance procedures are easily accomplished by the average stove owner.  We can show you when and how to maintain your specific stove.

Will I save money with my stove?
It depends on many factors such as fuel type, alternative source of fuel, etc.  For specific comparisons, check out our heat calculators (please provide a link here to our "Heat Calculator" section).  Other considerations include comfort.  A stove is a point source in your living space of convective, conductive, and radiant heat and tends to provide more comfort than a central heating setup.  When was the last time you rubbed your hands together and snuggled up to the baseboard hot water?  Another consideration is having an alternative source of heat.  If you have multiple sources of heat in your home, you can choose which provides you with the most comfort and value.  In our current volatile energy market with rapidly fluctuating prices, we are left vulnerable if we have only one source of heat.

Does Squiers service the stoves it sells?
We service all the stoves we sell (and some that our competitors sell).  We have been in the stove business since the early 1970's and have on staff certified technicians (  who have attained the highest certification of "HearthMaster" that is attainable.  Few if any of our competitors have multiple staff members who have achieved this level of competence.  We attend regular factory and industry training sessions to obtain the necessary continuing education credits to retain our certifications.

How long will my stove last?
With proper maintenance, many of our stoves could last decades.

How much fuel will my stove burn?
Estimates for fuel consumption could range from 1/2 ton to 10 tons and anywhere in between.  Our average customer burning a pellet stove burns 3-4 tons per year.

What size stove should I get?
Our advice is to buy a little more capacity than you think you need.  Most stoves like to work and they perform better closer to their high end rather than their low end.  Most customers like their stoves however, and tend to use them more than they initially thought.

Am I getting a good value?
The adage "You get what you pay for" applies to stoves as well.  While there are cheaper stoves on the market they tend to be less reliable and require more maintenance.  When you buy a stove from us you are also establishing a relationship with a local, knowledgeable and reliable dealer qualified to service what is a significant investment in your comfort.

Where is the best place to put a stove in my house?
Generally speaking, it is best to put any freestanding stove in the living area that you most use.  Stoves are most efficient heating the space you are in.  The farther they are from your main living area, the less efficient they tend to be.  Pellet stoves in particular can be placed almost anywhere in your home because of their flexibility.

Can I install the stove myself?
Yes, by following explicitly the directions in the manual you can install your own stove.  We are happy to install the stove for you and explain its operation if you wish.

Do I need outside air to supply my stove?

Harman stoves can be run with or without outside air.  Utilizing outside air allows closer proximity to windows and is a little bit more efficient.  In some cases a house can be so "tight" as to require outside air. Mobile homes require outside air as well as other considerations.